Our mission is to provide sanctuary to farm animals that are or are at risk of  neglect, abuse and/or exploitation. We provide a healing, loving atmosphere to farm animals that are surrendered, rescued and/or abandoned.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization.


The 2022 tour season will start in May. If you have a 2021 Holiday Sponsorship, you can schedule your private tour any time.
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We conduct tours Spring-Early Fall.
Adults are $10
Children are free

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APRIL 24,2022 at NOON

volunteers are a vital part of snhfas. we appreciate the time and work our volunteers put in to help make this a peaceful home for rescued farm animals. 

Come join the snhfas volunteer team!

we will have waivers and volunteer applications on site when you arrive.

gift ideas for your favorite animal lover

*Gift Donation- make a monetary donation of $10.00 or more and we will send a personal "Thank You" card to the person  of your choosing.

*Check out our amazon wish list and gift an animal on the behalf of your loved one. We will send a thank you card to the person  you gift.

*gift a patreon sponsorship of a chosen animal. See our patreon page for sponsorship levels. link below

Our "Thank you" cards are hand written and includes pictures of our animal residents

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THANK YOU to Everyone who dropped off pumpkins for the residents. we appreciate you!


We love our volunteers! Do you love animals? Are you willing to share your time and/or talent with the residents here at Stahl's No Harm Farm Animal Sanctuary?

Whether you have one hour to spare a month or 100, we would love to have you. Please download the links below and send us an e-mail with the completed Volunteer Application and Volunteer Agreement attached.

Applicants must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by their parent/guardian. 


Our Fundraiser for Flex was a huge success. Thank you to all who participated and/shared our events.  Because of YOU, the funds were raised to cover Flex's new leg braces.
You can read Flex's story below.
Special thanks to Seekers Woodworks, Breakaway Coffee Roasters, Burial Grounds Vegan Bakery, Good Life Body Piercing and Fine Jewelry and Live Canna USA for your prize donations.




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Flex came to Stahl's No Harm Farm in the Spring of 2020. We assumed his front legs were bowed from constricted tendons. We took him to OSU for treatment and learned he has bone deformities in both front legs. His legs will never be straight and will continue to bow as he grows.
We tried putting him in a cart but he was not a fan! After a few weeks, it became a safety issue as his attempts to get out of the cart would end up with him stuck, or underneath the cart!! 
We then began to wrap his legs with heavy gauze and vet wrap. He loves the freedom of being uninhibited by the cart. However, he plays and moves so much that the wraps are pretty battered by the end of the day. Somedays he wears holes in them. They aren't supportive enough and his sometimes cause his knees to swell. 
We are currently working with ArkOrtho to make custom braces for him. These will provide him more support and protection.
Please consider a donation to help get this rambunctious kid braces.
Please know, the cart did not go to waste. It has been used by another sanctuary and is on loan to others who may need it. We also still use it with Flex when he has swelling in his knees. 



Joey & Joey came to us in the Fall of 2019 with their friend Willow, a potbelly pig.
Jack and Joey's hooves were severely neglected and caused them a lot of pain. 
Their diets mainly consisted of sweet feed. Although they were over-weight, they were malnourished.
After the farrier trimmed their hooves, they were up and running!
As a result of their previous neglect, Joey has developed Cushings Disease and a metabolic disorder. This causes him to founder from time to time. He is currently on medications and a special diet to help control his sugar. 

We are working to get Joey Soft Rider shoes to help relieve his foot pain during periods of laminitis.


Our Board
Mark & Stacie Stahl (Founders), Bob & Pat Sigler, Sandi Bonin, Kelly Hoezle, Joy Butch,Olivia DeMeio,Tony DeMeio

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