Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sanctuary to farm animals that are or are at risk of  neglect, abuse and/or exploitation. We provide a healing, loving atmosphere to farm animals that are surrendered, rescued and/or abandoned.

We will attempt to re-home appropriate animals where they will be loved and free from harm.

We believe all sentient beings deserve a life filled with peace, love and compassion. Through education, promoting veganism and advocating for animal rights, we aim to inspire society to change their view of farm animals from one that is oppressive to one that views all animals as sentient beings and worthy of a peaceful life free from harm.


This little guy was born on a goat farm here in Ohio. He was born with a deformity in his front legs. The farmer thought it was bonded tendons and attempted to do physical therapy but it did not work. The farmer was able to see this baby goats desire to live and reached out for help.

Our vet feels like surgery is likely not an option, but thinks he might be a good candidate for a wheelchair. He will need to be seen by a large animal orthopedic surgeon at OSU to determine the proper treatment.

As for now, this little guy gets around really well. He walks, runs and like most goats, he is an escape artist. 

Photo credit:  Liz Maselli


Our new baby is nameless and we are asking for your help in naming this precious little guy.

We have narrowed it down to three names:

  1. Forrest

  2. Capricorn

  3. Flex Barnstrong

Click the paypal link below to cast your vote. Enter the name you chose on the leave a note" line.

1 Vote is $5

3 Votes for $10

All proceeds will go towards his vet care.



We love our volunteers! Do you love animals? Are you willing to share your time and/or talent with the residents here at Stahl's No Harm Farm Animal Sanctuary? Whether you have one hour to spare a month or 100, we would love to have you. Please download the links below and send us an e-mail with the completed Volunteer Application and Volunteer Agreement attached.

Applicants must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by their parent/guardian. 

Meet our newest friends

Rooster Flock


2019 Kaporos Rescues

On the Eve of Yom Kippur thousands of chickens are used in a sacrificial ritual in the streets of NYC. The chickens are delivered days before the ritual, often without food or water. During the ritual, chickens are circled around the participants head. A prayer is said to "transfer the sins" of the individual onto the chicken. The chicken is then killed. Rescuers work around the clock in search of survivors, digging through trash cans and negotiating surrender of the chickens. This year we took in 12 roosters. Some of these chickens required medical care due to respiratory issues and infections.

For more information on Kaporos visit The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos website.

Mini Pony & Donkey

joey 2_edited.jpg

Joey and Jack

Joey and Jack are bonded buddies. They came to  us with severely overgrown hooves, often referred to as "slipper feet," because their hooves grow so long, their hooves look more like slippers than hooves. The farrier has started the work on their hooves. Jack should be in good shape soon but Joey's hooves will take about a year to improve. They will never be "fixed.

We also took in a potbelly pig, Willow, from the same property. Jack, Joey and Willow were all fed a diet consisting mainly of sweet feed. Because of this, they are all overweight.

The Alpaca Ladies


Queenie, Vanity, Pandora and Silhouette

Prior to us buying our property, the property was an alpaca farm. When the owners decided to sell the home, they sold off their alpacas. One of the buyers of their alpaca decided to thin their herd. These alpaca ladies are not of monetary value any more. Silhouette is 15 years old and nearly blind, Pandora has an arch in her back, Vanity has excess skin under her chin and Queenie did not grow as she should have. All but Queenie was born on this property prior to us buying it. We are glad to have them back where they can live out the rest of their lives freely.

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