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 * Plastic play structures, like Little Tikes

* Kiddie pools for animals to cool off during the summer months

* Blankets to stay warm during winter months

* Used igloos, used dog houses 

* Gift certificates to any Agricultural (Tractor Supply, PBS, Rural King, etc)

* Straw and Hay

*First Aid supplies- We use a lot of vet wrap and casting gauze for Flex's legs

* Food for the barn cats

* Feed - We use Tribute Essential K for the equine, Kalmbach Maintenance Crumbles for the roos and Cornish Cross. Goats- any brand that contains ammonium chloride. Potbelly- any potbelly maintenance feed.

*If you are local and have produce that you would like to donate, we would be grateful. We will take most produce as long as it is not molded. We will also appreciate your fall gourds and pumpkins after the season if they are not rotted and are free of ink/paint and Christmas trees without tinsel or faux snow. These items can be left in front of the arena. 

* Muck shovels, pitchforks, rakes, feed buckets, troughs, wheelbarrows, carts, wagons any farm related tools. 


We happily accept used items

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We can pick up donations. We are best reached via email

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