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Please consider donating

It probably comes as no surprise that most  of the animals that come to us are not in the best of health. They often have overgrown hooves, parasites, lice, nutritional issues and some are very ill. We do everything we can to give the animals the care they deserve.

The cost of providing proper medical care, medication, nutrition and comfort does not come without an expense. We do not receive any funding other than donations from the public. 

Most of our new friends suffer health issues  from a poor diet and/or need immediate vet care as well as spayed/neutered, wormer and vaccinations. This is an obstacle we overcome by feeding quality feed, hay and minerals.


The maintenance of the property and structures are all vital to continue to do what we do. Sometimes we have to build or modify existing structures to make room for more rescues. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, we have not had to pay for  labor for these projects, but the materials can be quite costly.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Please consider making a tax deductible gift to ensure we can continue our  rescue efforts and keep our residents comfortable and healthy. Every dollar makes a difference, there is no donation that is "too small!"

Thank you so much for your support!

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